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14 Great Reasons to Wear Hearing Aids

November 2, 2017

1. You can hear again: Hearing aids are the most common treatment for hearing loss.
2. Your spouse will be relieved: They’ll be grateful they won’t need to be your interpreter anymore.
3. Your grandkids will stop looking at you quizzically: OK, no guarantees on that. But at least they’ll stop wondering why you say “what?” all the time, never answer their questions, or answer off topic.
4. You can enjoy music again: Starkey Muse hearing aids are the first hearing aids specifically engineered to enhance the enjoyment of music.
5. You can watch TV without blasting the volume: Starkey’s wireless hearing aids can stream sound directly from your TV to your hearing aids. You control the volume. No one else has to hear it if you don’t want them to.
6. You’ll be a positive role model to friends and family: You proactively did something about your hearing loss. Who doesn’t admire a take-charge person?
7. You’ll boost your confidence: When you can hear clearly, you’ll be more self-assured in restaurants, on the job, and in social and public settings.
8. You could positively impact your earning power: Studies show people who treat their hearing loss earn higher incomes than peers who don’t.
9. You’ll get tired less quickly: The harder it is to hear, the more energy your brain uses to listen, the quicker you get mentally exhausted. Hearing aids help negate that.
10. You’ll enjoy going out to noisy places like restaurants again: Loud environments are the most challenging for hearing loss sufferers. Today’s best hearing aids help, thanks to technology that detects and isolates speech and reduces background noise.
11. Your brain will thank you: Your brain is a like muscle, and processing sounds is one of its favorite exercises. Sound deprivation can accelerate atrophy.
12. You’ll minimize potentially embarrassing moments: Hearing information incorrectly or answering questions inappropriately (or not at all) could lead to an unnecessary and regretful faux pas.
13. You could improve your safety and those under your charge: There’s less chance you’ll miss warning sounds, important instructions, or calls for help.
14. Did we already say your spouse will be relieved?: Not just them, but friends and family, too. They won’t have to repeat things, or shout things, or tolerate the TV being so loud. Or worry about you as much.

If you’re one of the millions of adults who haven’t sought help for your hearing loss, you’re missing out on plenty. Contact us today to discover even more great reasons to wear hearing aids.



This blog originally appeared on www.starkey.com. 

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